Scottish Puritanism

Scottish Puritanism is not a commonly used term. It is the title of a book by David G Mullan which seeks to describe the early Covenanting movement. John Coffey writes on the ‘problem’ of Scottish Puritanism hereIn Search of Ulster-Scots Land identifies the beginning of Scottish Puritanism with Robert Rollock and Andrew Melville. The Ulster-based Irish Puritan Revolution and revivals depended much on Scottish emigrants. Much has still to be done to explode the caricatures of Scottish Puritanism. The historian Smout for instance speaks of “Scottish puritanism…narrowly dogmatic and inquisitorial”.

David Mullan has explored the role of women in Scottish Puritanism see here. There is a growing interest in spiritual autobiographies by Scottish women see here. The best collection thus far is Women’s Life Writing in Early Modern Scotland By David George Mullan. Also of vital interest is Select Biographies by  W K Tweedie.

The encyclopedic Puritans and Puritanism in Europe and America is a useful point of reference.

There is online material about the following Scottish Puritans.

Robert Rollock
John Craig
David Black
John Davidson
William Row
Andrew Melville
Patrick Simpson
Andrew Duncan
John Scrimzeor
John Welch
Robert Boyd
Robert Bruce
Josias Welch
John Gordon, Viscount of Kenmuir
Robert Cunningham
James Mitchel
Alexander Henderson
George Gillespie
John M’Clelland
David Calderwood
Hugh Binning
Andrew Gray
James Durham
Archibald Campbell, Marquis of Argyll
James Guthrie
John Campbel, Earl of Loudon
Robert Baillie
David Dickson
Archibald Johnston, Lord Wariston
James Wood
William Guthrie
Robert Blair
Hugh M’Kail
John Nevay
John Livingstone
John Semple
James Mitchel
John Welwood
William Gordon of Earlstoun
John Kid
John King
John Brown
Henry Hall of Haugh-head
Richard Cameron
David Hackston of Rathillet
Robert Ker of Kersland
Donald Cargill
Walter Smith
Robert Garnock
Robert M’Ward
Captain John Paton
John Nisbet of Hardhill
Alexander Peden
John Blackadder
James Renwick
Alexander Moncrief
Angus M’Bean
Thomas Hog
Robert Fleming
Alexander Shields
John Dickson
Robert Hamilton of Preston
William Vetch
John Balfour of Kinloch

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